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International Trade Post Brexit Event

What will international trade look like following Brexit? Come and listen to Tom Josephs, Director of Policy, Department for International Trade, Professor Trevor Williams, former Chief Economist at Lloyds Bank and a panel of drawn from SMEs and academia to discuss international trade following Brexit.



Expanding abroad successfully seminar

Thinking of expanding abroad?
Benefit from the wealth of information and expertise available from UKTI and Santander Bank. 
This essential hands-on seminar is ideal for SMEs thinking about expanding abroad. 


Representative office or branch?

For international firms wishing to establish a UK presence, there are three possible types of legal entity: representative office, branch or subsidiary. In this blog, Daniel Reid, Partner at DRG Chartered Accountants, provides an overview of the complexity of the rules relating to representative offices, which can be applied very differently according to the nature of your business.  


What is a permanent establishment ?

When establishing a presence in the UK, international firms have the possibility of three different types of entity: representative office, branch or subsidiary. In this blog Daniel Reid, who specialises in working with international clients and inbound businesses at DRG Chartered Accountants outlines the characteristics of a permanent establishment. 


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