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Capital Gains Tax

A capital gain arises when certain capital assets are sold at a profit. From 6 April 2016 capital gains tax is charged at the rate of 10% on gains (including any held over gains coming into charge) where net total taxable gains and income is below the income tax basic rate band threshold.

Gains or any parts of gains above the basic rate band are charged at 20% with a few exceptions. Entrepreneurs’ Relief or Investors’ Relief may be available on certain business disposals. 

Read this fact sheet on “Capital Gains Tax” to find out more about:

  • Entrepreneurs’ Relief 
  • Investors’ Relief 
  • Simplification of the share identification rules 
  • Capital Gains Tax annual exemption 
  • Exceptions to the Capital Gains Tax rates 
  • Other reliefs to which you may be entitled

If you would like to talk about Capital Gains Tax and planning the disposal of your capital assets, please do get in touch with the tax specialists at DRG Chartered Accountants. We would be delighted to hear from you.


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