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Owner Managers

We work with a number of companies and enterprises where the shareholders/owners are also the Directors and often the key introducer or manager.

Owner managed companies and businesses are the backbone to the British Economy with around 5 million private enterprises (SMEs) generating around £1.5 Trillion in turnover and accounting for over half of all private sector employment.

The UK is also one of the most regulated and bureaucratic places in the world along with one of the most educated and conducive societies to starting and conducting business. DRG are experts in dealing with and managing compliance along with providing sound common sense business advice. Often business leaders have no one to confer with regarding crucial decisions. Where DRG differs is that we act as a critical friend and sounding board. From the larger businesses to the smaller one man enterprises, we get to know you and we are passionate about making a difference.

One of the key areas we focus on is wealth creation and exit strategy. We help formulate and advise on a strategy to maximise value on an exit or to increase the number of options available when it is time to retire. With experience advising on a number of Management Buy Outs we can advise management teams and/or the exiting owner on the best way forward from both a practical perspective as well as a tax efficient perspective.

Case Studies

Share buy back

We advised on the best way to allow two of three equal shareholders buy out the third shareholder after the relationship between the three had broken down.

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We regularly advise on rewarding key employees using a number of different mechanisms.

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An Entrepreneurial client was running a number of related companies in different markets.

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