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DRG Chartered Accountants sponsors the Fast Growing Business Award

As a Maidenhead-based firm, we at DRG Chartered Accountants are delighted to sponsor the “Fast Growing Business” Award in the forthcoming Maidenhead and Windsor Business Awards.

"Rapidly growing businesses play an important role in the UK’s economic success – and by sponsoring this award, we aim to recognise these businesses and showcase their success" explains Daniel Reid, Partner at DRG Chartered Accountants.

Fast-growing innovative businesses – a small proportion of UK businesses

Fast growing, innovative businesses are essential to the prosperity of the United Kingdom. Yet, whilst we might be great at starting new businesses, we are less effective at helping them grow. Of the 5.5m businesses in Britain, around 4m of these are sole traders. And only a tiny proportion of British firms (11,575) become high-growth companies that have more than ten employees and grow by at least 20% over three years (The Economist).

Why do fast growing businesses matter?

Research undertaken by Nesta, a think-tank, highlights the value of these fast growing firms – between 2002 and 2008, the 6% of British firms with the highest growth rates generated 50% of all new jobs created by existing companies. And innovation seems to be the key: innovative firms grow twice as fast, both in employment and sales, as firms that fail to innovate (Nesta).

Enter your business in the Maidenhead and Windsor Business Awards

The Maidenhead and Windsor Business Awards were launched on the 22nd April. Entry is free and local organisations can enter their business for up to three categories.

  • Fast Growing Business Award
  • Innovation Award
  • Apprenticeship Award
  • Best Entrepreneur Award
  • Excellence in Customer Service Award
  • Best Independent Retailer Award
  • Best National Retailer Award
  • Best Micro Business Award (with 5 or fewer employees)
  • Best SME Award
  • Best Large Business Award
  • Best CSR Programme Award
  • Business of the Year Award

Visit the Maidenhead and Windsor Business Awards website to find out more and to download an application form.

Awards Dinner - Friday, 15th September 2017

The winners will be announced at an Awards Dinner, with Adrian Moorhouse as compère, on Friday 15th September at the Holiday Inn, Maidenhead. To book your tickets.

At DRG Chartered Accountants, we are experienced in working with innovative, fast-growing businesses and helping them succeed. We work with both Maidenhead based SMEs, UK firms and international businesses wishing to set up a UK presence. If you would like to find out more about our range of accountancy and tax services, please do get in touch. We would be delighted to hear from you.

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