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David Gordon-Smith

David joined as partner in 2002 from Ernst & Young Corporate Finance where he was a senior executive with a taxation bias. In particular David focuses on tax planning and raising finance for SMEs.


David describes his approach as to really offer the best advice you have to know your clients and their businesses extremely well.

“I spend most of my day on the phone to clients discussing any and every aspect of their business. Unlike old fashioned accountants we don’t have a clock ticking mentality rather looking for value added activities.”

Best practice

David has a ‘keep it simple’ approach, “tax planning and business advice doesn’t need to be complicated it is the attention to detail that makes the difference. I engage the client with not just theoretical possibilities but project actual commercial outcomes whilst addressing risk.”

Added value

DRG is at the leading edge of technology utilising the latest hardware and software to deliver better levels of service to an ever changing market. David feels that successful businesses need to be flexible, forward thinking and embrace change to survive and grow. David also spends a lot of time developing businesses for potential exit strategies not just for profitability.

Client portfolio

David works across a broad range of sectors, including:-

  • Manufacturing
  • Food and beverage
  • Tech
  • Pharmaceuticals

Recent transactions

David's recent transactions include:-

  • Raised £4.5m for an MBO
  • Advised on a £1m MBO including vendor financed arrangements, corporate structure and efficient tax remuneration
  • Succession planning - £2m.
  • Succession Planning / Options etc. - £20m
  • Raised £3m for development stage.
  • Raised £2m on third funding round

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