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Inheritance Tax Planning

Current tax rates mean that an increasingly large number of individuals and couples have estates which bring them into the scope of inheritance tax. Indeed with property price inflation many with relatively modest estates can now benefit from planning to reduce or avoid a potential inheritance tax liability.

Wills and inheritance tax planning that achieve your intended results, whilst also being tax efficient, are the result of knowledge, expertise, and experience and applied correctly can significantly reduce your inheritance tax burden and preserve more of your wealth for your beneficiaries. An important part of our approach is to ensure that your personal goals and lifetime objectives are not compromised.

Please contact us for advice on the following types of inheritance tax planning:

  • Gifts
  • Pre-owned assets
  • Chargeable transfers
  • Potentially exempt transfers
  • Bare trusts
  • Interest in possession trusts
  • Discretionary trusts
  • Business property relief

To arrange a complimentary meeting to discuss your accountancy, tax planning and business advisory needs, please telephone 01628 760 000.


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